Music at the Vineyard - Abby Bryant


Music at the Vineyard – Abby Bryant

Join us Sunday, May 14 at the Burntshirt Vineyards Tasting Room and Winery for live music at the vineyard with Abby Bryant! A minister’s daughter turned fierce frontwoman, Abby has cemented her presence as a standout in Americana and soul with her band’s debut album Not Your Little Girl. Abby and her confident and dynamic backing group The Echoes have established a strong foundation in the world of vintage-inspired Americana and soul rock.

Playing for church services under her father’s direction, Bryant recalls early memories of singing a solo in a nativity play. She grew up backing the church band in her small-town community near Charlotte, North Carolina. It wasn’t until later attending Appalachian State University that she began to seriously consider a professional career in music. There, Abby formed the beginnings of The Echoes with her friend Bailey Faulkner. Together they merged Abby’s love of soul and American roots music with Faulkner’s passion for the blues and Faces-style rock. With these inspirations, Bryant and Faulkner began co-writing songs that would eventually appear on Not Your Little Girl. After graduating from college and working with a number of part-time band members, the two relocated to Asheville, NC.  There they formed a proper band and quickly began heavy touring. that kickstarted an organic fanbase throughout the Southeast.

Don’t miss Abby at Burntshirt Vineyards in Hendersonville on Sunday from 2-5 PM. Come on out for an afternoon of fantastic music, great food and award winning wines! We look forward to seeing you here!