Ah, the Thanksgiving spread. All the planning and preparation leading to the moment where you get to see your hard work displayed before you in a beautiful cornucopia of joy and togetherness. Each dish relates to the next, each one paired perfectly in relation to the other. You’ve worked so hard to coordinate the meets to the sides, the sauces to the veggies, and the toppings to the pies. Don’t forget to bring it all together with the wine.
We present to you, the Burntshirt Vineyards Thanksgiving wine guide. 

The Main Dish

If your main dish is Turkey, we recommend O Cellars Reserve Chardonnay. 

This mildly oaky and creamy Chardonnay exudes hints of vanilla and soft notes of apple and pear on the palate. The classic fall fruit and oaky quality of this wine make it a perfect match for your Thanksgiving turkey. This wine pulls hidden flavors out of lightly seasoned poultry that will elevate your Thanksgiving experience.

If your main dish is Ham, we recommend Holiday Red. 

This red wine is bright with strong notes of cherry and raspberry. The light and oaky quality of this wine balances perfectly with the heavier darker meat you find in ham. The notes of fruit complement the savory flavors of roasted ham. These flavors sing out in perfect harmony, bringing a tasty balance to your thanksgiving table.

The Side Dishes

If your side dishes are mostly veggies we recommend O Cellars Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon

This bold dark red wine features notes of raspberry and vanilla. The dark bold flavors of this wine complement and unearth the darker and earthier flavors in roasted vegetables.

If your side dishes are mostly starchy we recommend O Cellars Reserve Reisling

This cool semi-sweet Riesling has a crisp and smooth quality that contrasts with the warm, dense, and dry quality of starchy side dishes. It is this contrast that makes it such a perfect match for this kind of food.

If your side dishes are mostly sweet we recommend Meritage

This red blend features dark fruit aromas with a nice level of spice on the finish that pairs well with sweeter side dishes. The spice found in Meritage interacts beautifully with the sweetness of sweet potatoes, baked apples, and other sweet dishes.

The Desserts

If your desserts are pumpkin or pecan we recommend Harvest Gold

When pairing dessert wines you want to avoid getting too sweet. That’s why Harvest Gold pairs well with these less sweet classics.

If your desserts are apple cranberry or pear we recommend Finale Port Wine

Finale is a bold port-style wine that draws out flavors in fruiter desserts you would miss out on without it. Next time you have a cobbler, be sure to pair it with Finale and go on a flavor adventure that will end with a bang.

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